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Religious Affiliation of
the Senators and Representatives in the
First United States Congress

1st U.S. Congress (1789-1791)

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Source: "Senators Elected to the United States Senate: The 1st Federal Congress of the United States of America (1789-1791)" in "Religion in the United States Government" section of "World Information" website (; viewed 8 July 2005)

Religious Affiliation # of
% of
Episcopalian/Anglican 13 44.8%
Congregationalist 4 13.8%
Presbyterian 3 10.3%
Methodist 2 6.9%
Catholic 1 3.4%
Dutch Reformed Church 1 3.4%
Quaker 1 3.4%
unknown 5 17.2%
TOTAL 29 100%


Religious Affiliation

Charles Carroll Maryland Catholic
Oliver Ellsworth Connecticut Congregationalist
John Langdon New Hampshire Congregationalist
Caleb Strong Massachusetts Congregationalist
Paine Wingate New Hampshire Congregationalist
Philip Schuyler New York Dutch Reformed Church
Pierce Butler South Carolina Episcopalian
Theodore Foster Rhode Island Episcopalian
Rufus King Massachusetts Episcopalian
James Monroe Virginia Episcopalian
Robert Morris Pennsylvania Episcopalian
George Read Delaware Episcopalian
Tristram Dalton Massachusetts Episcopalian
William Grayson Virginia Episcopalian
James Gunn Georgia Episcopalian
John Henry Maryland Episcopalian
Ralph Izard South Carolina Episcopalian
Richard Henry Lee Virginia Episcopalian
William Samuel Johnson Connecticut Episcopalian; Presbyterian
Richard Bassett Delaware Methodist
William Few Georgia Methodist
Jonathan Elmer New Jersey Presbyterian
William Paterson New Jersey Presbyterian
Philemon Dickinson New Jersey Quaker
Benjamin Hawkins North Carolina unknown
Samuel Johnston North Carolina unknown
William Maclay Pennsylvania unknown
Joseph Stanton Jr. Rhode Island unknown
John Walker Virginia unknown

1st U.S. Congress (1789-1791)

Source: "Representatives Elected to the United States Congress: The 1st Federal Congress of the United States of America (1789-1791)" in "Religion in the United States Government" section of "World Information" website (; viewed 8 July 2005)

Religious Affiliation # of
% of
Episcopalian/Anglican 24 36.4%
Congregationalist 7 10.6%
Presbyterian 3 4.5%
Quaker 3 4.5%
Dutch Reformed Church 3 4.5%
Catholic 2 3.0%
Lutheran 2 3.0%
German Reformed Church 1 1.5%
Huguenot 1 1.5%
Unitarian 1 1.5%
Calvinist 1 1.5%
unknown 20 30.3%
TOTAL 66 100%


Relig. Affil.

Fisher Ames Massachusetts Calvinist
Daniel Carroll Maryland Catholic
Thomas Fitzsimons Pennsylvania Catholic
Abiel Foster New Hampshire Congregationalist
Benjamin Huntington Connecticut Congregationalist
James Jackson Georgia Congregationalist
Roger Sherman Connecticut Congregationalist
Jeremiah Wadsworth Connecticut Congregationalist
Nicholas Gilman New Hampshire Congregationalist
Abraham Baldwin Georgia Congregationalist; Episcopalian
Egbert Benson New York Dutch Reformed Church
James Schureman New Jersey Dutch Reformed Church
Henry Wynkoop Pennsylvania Dutch Reformed Church
James Madison Jr. Virginia Episcopalian
George Mathews Georgia Episcopalian
Peter Muhlenberg Pennsylvania Episcopalian
Josiah Parker Virginia Episcopalian
Peter Silvester New York Episcopalian
John Vining Delaware Episcopalian
Theodorick Bland Virginia Episcopalian
Timothy Bloodworth North Carolina Episcopalian
Elias Boudinot New Jersey Episcopalian
Benjamin Contee Maryland Episcopalian
William Floyd New York Episcopalian
George Gale Maryland Episcopalian
Elbridge Gerry Massachusetts Episcopalian
Thomas Hartley Pennsylvania Episcopalian
John Laurance New York Episcopalian
Richard Bland Lee Virginia Episcopalian
George Leonard Massachusetts Episcopalian
Samuel Livermore New Hampshire Episcopalian
John Page Virginia Episcopalian
Thomas Sinnickson New Jersey Episcopalian
William L. Smith South Carolina Episcopalian
Alexander White Virginia Episcopalian
George Clymer Pennsylvania Quaker, Episcopalian
Lambert Cadwalader New Jersey Quaker
John Hathorn New York Quaker
Daniel Hiester Jr. Pennsylvania German Reformed Church
Daniel Huger South Carolina Huguenot
Frederick A. Muhlenberg Pennsylvania Lutheran
Jeremiah Van Rensselaer New York Lutheran
Benjamin Bourne Rhode Island Presbyterian
William Smith Maryland Presbyterian
Hugh Williamson North Carolina Presbyterian
George Thatcher Massachusetts Unitarian
John Baptista Ashe North Carolina unknown
John Brown Virginia unknown
Aedanus Burke South Carolina unknown
Isaac Coles Virginia unknown
William Branch Giles Virginia unknown
Benjamin Goodhue Massachusetts unknown
Samuel Griffin Virginia unknown
Jonathan Grout Massachusetts unknown
Andrew Moore Virginia unknown
George Partridge Massachusetts unknown
Thomas Scott Pennsylvania unknown
Theodore Sedgwick Massachusetts unknown
Joshua Seney Maryland unknown
John Sevier North Carolina unknown
John Steele North Carolina unknown
Michael Jenifer Stone Maryland unknown
Jonathan Sturges Connecticut unknown
Thomas Sumter South Carolina unknown
Jonathan Trumbull Connecticut unknown
Thomas Tudor Tucker South Carolina unknown


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