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Religious Affiliation of
the Senators and Representatives in the
First United States Congress

1st U.S. Congress (1789-1791)

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Source: "Senators Elected to the United States Senate: The 1st Federal Congress of the United States of America (1789-1791)" in "Religion in the United States Government" section of "World Information" website (; viewed 8 July 2005)

Religious Affiliation # of
% of
Episcopalian/Anglican 13 44.8%
Congregationalist 4 13.8%
Presbyterian 3 10.3%
Methodist 2 6.9%
Catholic 1 3.4%
Dutch Reformed Church 1 3.4%
Quaker 1 3.4%
unknown 5 17.2%
TOTAL 29 100%


Religious Affiliation

Charles CarrollMarylandCatholic
Oliver EllsworthConnecticutCongregationalist
John LangdonNew HampshireCongregationalist
Caleb StrongMassachusettsCongregationalist
Paine WingateNew HampshireCongregationalist
Philip SchuylerNew YorkDutch Reformed Church
Pierce ButlerSouth CarolinaEpiscopalian
Theodore FosterRhode IslandEpiscopalian
Rufus KingMassachusettsEpiscopalian
James MonroeVirginiaEpiscopalian
Robert MorrisPennsylvaniaEpiscopalian
George ReadDelawareEpiscopalian
Tristram DaltonMassachusettsEpiscopalian
William GraysonVirginiaEpiscopalian
James GunnGeorgiaEpiscopalian
John HenryMarylandEpiscopalian
Ralph IzardSouth CarolinaEpiscopalian
Richard Henry LeeVirginiaEpiscopalian
William Samuel JohnsonConnecticutEpiscopalian; Presbyterian
Richard BassettDelawareMethodist
William FewGeorgiaMethodist
Jonathan ElmerNew JerseyPresbyterian
William PatersonNew JerseyPresbyterian
Philemon DickinsonNew JerseyQuaker
Benjamin HawkinsNorth Carolinaunknown
Samuel JohnstonNorth Carolinaunknown
William MaclayPennsylvaniaunknown
Joseph Stanton Jr.Rhode Islandunknown
John WalkerVirginiaunknown

1st U.S. Congress (1789-1791)

Source: "Representatives Elected to the United States Congress: The 1st Federal Congress of the United States of America (1789-1791)" in "Religion in the United States Government" section of "World Information" website (; viewed 8 July 2005)

Religious Affiliation # of
% of
Episcopalian/Anglican 24 36.4%
Congregationalist 7 10.6%
Presbyterian 3 4.5%
Quaker 3 4.5%
Dutch Reformed Church 3 4.5%
Catholic 2 3.0%
Lutheran 2 3.0%
German Reformed Church 1 1.5%
Huguenot 1 1.5%
Unitarian 1 1.5%
Calvinist 1 1.5%
unknown 20 30.3%
TOTAL 66 100%


Relig. Affil.

Fisher AmesMassachusettsCalvinist
Daniel CarrollMarylandCatholic
Thomas FitzsimonsPennsylvaniaCatholic
Abiel FosterNew HampshireCongregationalist
Benjamin HuntingtonConnecticutCongregationalist
James JacksonGeorgiaCongregationalist
Roger ShermanConnecticutCongregationalist
Jeremiah WadsworthConnecticutCongregationalist
Nicholas GilmanNew HampshireCongregationalist
Abraham BaldwinGeorgiaCongregationalist; Episcopalian
Egbert BensonNew YorkDutch Reformed Church
James SchuremanNew JerseyDutch Reformed Church
Henry WynkoopPennsylvaniaDutch Reformed Church
James Madison Jr.VirginiaEpiscopalian
George MathewsGeorgiaEpiscopalian
Peter MuhlenbergPennsylvaniaEpiscopalian
Josiah ParkerVirginiaEpiscopalian
Peter SilvesterNew YorkEpiscopalian
John ViningDelawareEpiscopalian
Theodorick BlandVirginiaEpiscopalian
Timothy BloodworthNorth CarolinaEpiscopalian
Elias BoudinotNew JerseyEpiscopalian
Benjamin ConteeMarylandEpiscopalian
William FloydNew YorkEpiscopalian
George GaleMarylandEpiscopalian
Elbridge GerryMassachusettsEpiscopalian
Thomas HartleyPennsylvaniaEpiscopalian
John LauranceNew YorkEpiscopalian
Richard Bland LeeVirginiaEpiscopalian
George LeonardMassachusettsEpiscopalian
Samuel LivermoreNew HampshireEpiscopalian
John PageVirginiaEpiscopalian
Thomas SinnicksonNew JerseyEpiscopalian
William L. SmithSouth CarolinaEpiscopalian
Alexander WhiteVirginiaEpiscopalian
George ClymerPennsylvaniaQuaker, Episcopalian
Lambert CadwaladerNew JerseyQuaker
John HathornNew YorkQuaker
Daniel Hiester Jr.PennsylvaniaGerman Reformed Church
Daniel HugerSouth CarolinaHuguenot
Frederick A. MuhlenbergPennsylvaniaLutheran
Jeremiah Van RensselaerNew YorkLutheran
Benjamin BourneRhode IslandPresbyterian
William SmithMarylandPresbyterian
Hugh WilliamsonNorth CarolinaPresbyterian
George ThatcherMassachusettsUnitarian
John Baptista AsheNorth Carolinaunknown
John BrownVirginiaunknown
Aedanus BurkeSouth Carolinaunknown
Isaac ColesVirginiaunknown
William Branch GilesVirginiaunknown
Benjamin GoodhueMassachusettsunknown
Samuel GriffinVirginiaunknown
Jonathan GroutMassachusettsunknown
Andrew MooreVirginiaunknown
George PartridgeMassachusettsunknown
Thomas ScottPennsylvaniaunknown
Theodore SedgwickMassachusettsunknown
Joshua SeneyMarylandunknown
John SevierNorth Carolinaunknown
John SteeleNorth Carolinaunknown
Michael Jenifer StoneMarylandunknown
Jonathan SturgesConnecticutunknown
Thomas SumterSouth Carolinaunknown
Jonathan TrumbullConnecticutunknown
Thomas Tudor TuckerSouth Carolinaunknown


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