Christian Singles: Staying True to Your Faith

As a single person, it can be difficult to stay within your faith. There will be times when you are tempted to give into urges you have, and those urges can derail your faith and cause you different problems. Christian singles need to work to stay within their faith when they are dating. By finding other Christian singles to date, they can then fight off temptation. However, those who choose to not date other Christian singles need to examine the complexities such a relationship can bring.

If you are considering dating outside of your faith, understand there will be some issues. That does not mean you cannot have a beneficial relationship, but it does mean you must be willing to address those issues.

First is the issue of premarital sex. Christian singles know they should not have premarital sex. They know virginity is a gift for their husbands and wives. However, those who date singles that are not Christians might find themselves pressured on the sexual front. The date could want to have sex, and might have a hard time understanding the religious reasons for abstinence. Even if someone feels pressured to have sex, they must stick to their faith and not give in.

Morals might also come into play in other areas. Christians have a strong set of morals they adhere to. The moral code is not supposed to be broken and if it is, one must ask for forgiveness. When one is not a Christian, they might not have the same more code. No matter what religion someone is, make sure you are morally compatible.

Children are another potential obstacle. When you have children with someone who is not a Christian, they may not see the importance of raising the children in the church. This can cause a rift between you and your spouse.

Christian singles do not have to date other Christian singles, but if they date someone who does not feel religion is important they must be prepared to deal with issues as they arise. They must be able to use their faith as their guide. It is important they hold onto their faith and stay true to it at all times.

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