I'd like thank the following individuals who have contributed academically to the creation and improvement of This page is not a complete listing of all the people who have have helped make what it is. We are grateful to many others for their research, suggestions, insights, corrections, etc.

Ontario Religious Tolerance Consultants - The folks at have given me many tips about running a large general religion web site. My web site is more academically oriented and isn't intended to advocate specific positions as they openly do, but I appreciate their generally careful, respectful approach to the complex topic of world religions.
18 Nov. 1998 - Joanne Ruhland of San Antonio, Texas was one of the very first people to help with She pointed out that some of the figures I had for the International Church of Christ were attendance figures, not membership. (Apparently the church has many more people attending Sunday services than are actually members, owing to the organization's megachurch-style emphasis on entertaining services and inviting friends to services). I labelled the International Church of Christ listings as "International Church of Christ - attendance" where appropriate.

Joanne also sent xerox copies of an International Church of Christ publication that contained current statistics (number of countries planted, number of churches, average worldwide attendance).
8 October 1999 - Keith Eitel (Professor of Christian Missions, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) provided useful information about the meaning of "Non-Resident Members" in the Southern Baptist Convention. He also provided some other feedback which helped with information about the SBC provided on the "Largest Religious Bodies in the World" page.
George D. Chryssides, a scholar in the religion department at the University of Wolverhamtpon (England) and an expert on NRMs, has provided a lot of information.

He sent copies of pages from his own book The Elements of Unitarianism (he's a Unitarian himself) which detail Unitarian membership in specific countries.

He sent copies of the NRM survey pages from Peter B. Clarke's The New Evangelists: Recruitment, Method and Aims of New Religious Movements, which provided great membership statstics for many popular NRMs in Britain and Western Europe.

Prof. Chryssides also suggested listing Hare Krishnas as ISKCON, suggesed URLs where I found information on the New Kadampa Tradition, Westen Buddhist Order and Friends of Western Buddhist Order, and has provided assistance in understanding Unitarian-Universalist terminology and organizational patterns.
7 Jan. 1999 - Cliff [] wrote to tell me I had "House of Yahweh" misspelled as "House of Jahweh."
March 1999 - Fezveri sent me data on the Muslim population in the Asia Pacific Region (1996) (taken from MUSLIM ALMANAC ASIA PACIFIC by RISEAP). 19 countries worth of data.
Feb. 1999 - I appreciate the Seventh-day Adventist who pointed out I should change the listing for "Seventh-day Adventist - Sunday School attendance" to "Seventh-day Adventist - Sabbath School attendance." (Whoops!)
28 April 1999 - My thanks to Gary Royer, for his helpful input regarding Umbanda in Brazil, and world spiritism in general.
29 April 1999 - Thorsten was kind enough to point out a typo: I had spelled "worship" as "worshop" on my FAQ page. Thanks!
8 May 1999 - Stefano Allievi generously submitted the results of his research regarding the number of Muslims in Italy, along with heavy amounts of documentation and source attribution. This information is now in the database.
8 May 1999 - I appreciate Martin Phillips, who took the time to point out that the Jesus People USA are now affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church (a fact which wasn't mentioned in the statistical record about this group). Phillips' message prompted me to visit the Jesus People USA web site and add the latest adherent statistics they have posted there.
8 May 1999 - On multiple occasions Craig A. Schaefer of the House of Netjer has been very helpful in clarifying the categorization of the House of Netjer and Kemetic Orthodoxy.
20 May 1999 - My thanks to P. Rouwendal who generously sent in the latest statistics from the Kerkelijk jaarboekje 1999 for the Gereformeerde Gemeenten in Nederland (a Dutch Reformed church).
29 May 1999 - Elie Abi-Jaoude was kind enough to point out that somehow I had Mauritius in the "predominantly Muslim" list on the Nationally Predominant Religions page, which obviously was a mistake. I also had the Comoros Islands in the list of countries without a predominant religion when, of course, the country is overwhelmingly Muslim. Also pointed out that Gabon was in the wrong list. Elie also gave me some input that helped me revise comments about the statistical situation in Lebanon. Thanks!

14 July 1999 - Elie also pointed out that I had "Kimbanguist" spelled as "Zimbanguist" on the "Infrequently Asked Questions" page.
11 June 1999 - Eric Chaffey pointed out that the Latter-day Saint Temples in U.S. States web page listed Oregon's second temple (of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) as being in Eugene, instead of Medford. Don't know how I made that mistake, but I appreciate Eric for pointing it out!
22 June 1999 - Jennifer Kambas wrote to let me know that I had an error on this very "Contributors" page: I had "Joanne Richland" where I should have had "Joanne Ruhland."
25 June 1999 - Jennifer Kambas also wrote to inform me of a typo in "Rastafarian" on the "Predominant National Religions" page. (The 't' was left out.)
June 1999 - James T. Cloud, an expert in comparative religions and interreligious dialog, and a volunteer at graciously took time to review our list of Major Religions of the World. He provided some valuable feedback, including the suggestion to include Santeria, which led to adding Yoruba religion to this list.
11 July 1999 - Farhan A. Qureshi has provided some tips regarding Ahmadiyya Islam, including pointing out that adherents are called "Ahmadis", and not "Ahmadiyyans," as well as providing information about the size of the Lahore faction of Ahmadiyya.
14 July 1999 - Tom Belke, the author of a book about Juche, has provided extensive feedback regarding it's place as a major world religion and the brief comments about it on the Major Religions of the World page.

This author also arranged for his publisher to provide with a copy of the book, so we could provide additional statistical information about Juche from this web site.
14 July 1999 - Juan Cole, history professor at the University of Michigan and author of articles about the Baha'i Faith, has provided detailed, valuable feedback regarding the size of the Baha'i Faith in the United States and internationally. His help allowed us to refine some of the information about Baha'i statistics.
5 September 1999 - Barbara Taylor, of California, provided useful information regarding the Religious Science movement, as well as a URL for an unusual group not already on the web site: the First Presleytarian Church of Elvis the Divine.
25 February 2000 - Thanks to Beth Woodard, who suggested that, on the "Religion of History's 100 Most Influential People", we should add "Catholic" to Martin's Luther's religious affiliation (Luther was Catholic before instigating the events which led to the formation of Lutheranism/Protestantism.)

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