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P'nai Or Religious Fellowship(4 recs.)
Pachomian monks
Pacific Yearly Meeting of Friends: 1,452
Pagan Alcoholics Anonymous
Pagan/Occult/Witchcraft Special Interest Group of Mensa
paganism(16 recs.)
Pagans for Peace Network
Paiute(6 recs.)
Pak T'aeson
Pakistan Christian Fellowship
Palestine Liberation Front: 100
Palestinian: 5,000,000 (11 recs.)
Palouse(2 recs.)
Pan Pacific Pagan Alliance(3 recs.)
Panacea Society of Bedford
panentheism(2 recs.)
Pantheism(4 recs.)
Papago(2 recs.)
Para-religious groups(15 recs.)
Paradise Baptist Church
Park View Baptist Church
Parsis: 200,000 (64 recs.)
Parthian(6 recs.)
Pascagoula(2 recs.)
Pashtun(3 recs.)
Pashupata Saivism
Path of the Heart Movement(2 recs.)
Pawnee(4 recs.)
Pecos(2 recs.)
Peculiar People(3 recs.)
Pelagianism(4 recs.)
Pelebegu(2 recs.)
Pemon(5 recs.)
Peniel Mission(4 recs.)
Peninsula Bible Church
Pennacook(2 recs.)
Pensacola(2 recs.)
Pentecostal: 480,000,000 (262 recs.)
Pentecostal - no denomination supplied(3 recs.)
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada(4 recs.)
Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland(4 recs.)
Pentecostal Assemblies of the World: 1,000,000 (10 recs.)
Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Christ
Pentecostal Church of God: 301,786 (55 recs.)
Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: 30
Pentecostal Church of Zion(4 recs.)
Pentecostal Church, Inc.
Pentecostal Churches of Apostolic Faith
Pentecostal Evangelical Church
Pentecostal Evangelical Church of God, National and International
Pentecostal Fire-Baptized Holiness Church(2 recs.)
Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church: 15,110 (7 recs.)
Pentecostal Holiness Church: 125,000 (54 recs.)
Pentecostal Holiness Church, International: 270,241 (2 recs.)
Pentecostal/Charismatic: 540,000,000 (4 recs.)
People of Destiny International
People's Methodist Church
Peoples Temple(10 recs.)
Pequot(2 recs.)
Persatuan Gereja-Gereja Kristen Muria Indonesia
peyotism(16 recs.)
Pharisees(10 recs.)
Philadelphia Baptist Association(4 recs.)
Philadelphia Church of God: 6,000 (5 recs.)
Philadelphian Society
Philippines Benevolent Missionaries Association
Phoenician(4 recs.)
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Pietism(4 recs.)
Pilgermission St. Chrischona: Evangelische Stadtmissionen
Pilgrim Holiness Church of New York(4 recs.)
Pilgrim Holiness Church of the Midwest
Pillar and Ground of Truth
Pillar of Fire(6 recs.)
Pima(4 recs.)
Piro Pueblos(2 recs.)
PL Kyodan: 1,000,000 (29 recs.)
Plain Churches(3 recs.)
Plains Ojibwa
Planetary Light Association: 3,200
Platonism/Neo-Platonism(8 recs.)
Plymouth Brethren: 1,000,000 (81 recs.)
Plymouth Brethren - Exclusive: 45,000 (11 recs.)
Plymouth Brethren - Open(5 recs.)
Plymouth Brethren 2(2 recs.)
Plymouth Brethren I
Plymouth Brethren IV / Christliche Versammlungen / Freier Bruderkreis
Pocomtuc(2 recs.)
Pohoy(2 recs.)
Polish Baptist Conference in the U.S.A. and Canada
Polish National Catholic Church(15 recs.)
Polish National Union
Polish Old Catholic Church in America
Polish Orthodox: 600,000 (3 recs.)
poll - absolutely certain of God's existence(3 recs.)
poll - accept commandment Thou Shalt Not Kill
poll - against abortion
poll - against religion
poll - always mindful of being Christ's representatives
poll - approve of premarital sex(2 recs.)
poll - approve of premarital sex even if two people have known each other only short time(2 recs.)
poll - believe Bible divinely inspired(7 recs.)
poll - believe Bible is literally true(6 recs.)
poll - believe in a cosmic force rather than a personal God
poll - believe in angels
poll - believe in divinity of Christ(7 recs.)
poll - believe in God(38 recs.)
poll - believe in heaven(3 recs.)
poll - believe in hell
poll - believe in Jesus Christ
poll - believe in life after death(12 recs.)
poll - believe in miracles(2 recs.)
poll - believe in reincarnation(5 recs.)
poll - believe in the Devil
poll - believe in the Resurrection
poll - believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ
poll - believe in UFOs(2 recs.)
poll - believe it necessary to accept Jesus to be saved(2 recs.)
poll - believe Jesus Christ actually lived(2 recs.)
poll - believe personal faith in Christ is only way to heaven
poll - believe religion can answer today's problems(3 recs.)
poll - believe they have a guardian angel
poll - believe we've had contact with ETs
poll - believe you can be religious without going to church
poll - can name all four Gospels(2 recs.)
poll - consider 1st Commandment important
poll - consider all faiths equally good and true
poll - consider attending religious services very important
poll - consider belonging to a close religious fellowship very important
poll - consider growing deeper relationship with God very important
poll - consider prayer fairly important
poll - consider prayer very important(2 recs.)
poll - consider reading the Bible very important
poll - consider TV evangelists trustworthy
poll - consider TV evangelists untrustworthy
poll - desire to grow spiritually
poll - disbelieve in God(135 recs.)
poll - disbelieve in life after death(2 recs.)
poll - engage in private religious experience
poll - evangelical
poll - favor teaching and practice of birth control
poll - favor teaching creationism along with evolution in public schools
poll - favor teaching only biblical creation in public schools
poll - feel they are treated fairly by men
poll - give at least a tithe to their church
poll - has spoken in tongues
poll - have experienced a remarkable healing
poll - have had contact with the dead(2 recs.)
poll - have had premarital sex(2 recs.)
poll - have old fashioned values about family and marriage
poll - having their children get religious education
poll - might switch affiliaion
poll - personal commitment to Jesus Christ(2 recs.)
poll - pray(3 recs.)
poll - pray daily(4 recs.)
poll - prejudiced against sectarians
poll - read Bible(4 recs.)
poll - say abortion should be generally available(4 recs.)
poll - say religion fairly important to them(10 recs.)
poll - say religion important to them(6 recs.)
poll - say religion not at all important to them(10 recs.)
poll - say religion not too important to them(10 recs.)
poll - say religion not very important to them
poll - say religion very important to them(43 recs.)
poll - say they're spiritual
poll - think one must believe in divinity of Christ in order to be a Christian
poll - undecided about how religious they are
poll - undecided about religious preference
poll - use tobacco products(2 recs.)
poll - view Southern Baptists negatively
polygamy(22 recs.)
Polynesian traditional religion
polytheism(2 recs.)
Pomo(5 recs.)
Ponca(5 recs.)
Poona and Indian Village Mission
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine: 4,000 (3 recs.)
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command: 500 (2 recs.)
Popular Palestinian Struggle Front: 200
Poro(2 recs.)
positive thinking seminars
Posse Comitatus: 100,000 (8 recs.)
Potano(2 recs.)
Potawatomi(6 recs.)
Poturs(2 recs.)
Prajnaptivadin Buddhism
prayer meeting movement
Presbyterian: 47,972,000 (315 recs.)
Presbyterian - black denominations
Presbyterian - Maya(2 recs.)
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.): 3,700,000 (210 recs.)
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) - racial ethnic
Presbyterian Church in America: 283,381 (62 recs.)
Presbyterian Church in America - Korean congregations
Presbyterian Church in Canada(7 recs.)
Presbyterian Church in Singapore: 10,000 (2 recs.)
Presbyterian Church in Taiwan: 220,000 (3 recs.)
Presbyterian Church in the United States(2 recs.)
Presbyterian Church in the United States of America(132 recs.)
Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand: 54,000 (2 recs.)
Presbyterian Church of India: 823,456 (2 recs.)
Presbyterian Church of Korea: 2,094,338 (2 recs.)
Presbyterian Church of Myanmar: 29,500 (2 recs.)
Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa: 90,000
Presbyterian Church of Wales: 55,000 (2 recs.)
Presbyterian/Reformed(6 recs.)
Primal New Religious Movements(9 recs.)
primal-indigenous: 248,564,992 (372 recs.)
primal-indigenous - nomadic
Primitive Advent Christian Church(3 recs.)
Primitive Baptist: 72,000 (31 recs.)
Primitive Methodist Church(2 recs.)
Primitive Methodist Church in the U.S.A.: 8,487 (17 recs.)
Process Church
Progressive Baptist: 2,500,000
Progressive Mennonites
Progressive National Baptist Convention: 2,500,000 (10 recs.)
Progressive Spiritual Church: 11,347
Project Mind Foundation
Promise Keepers: 234,000 (5 recs.)
Promise Keepers - staff: 437 (2 recs.)
Protestant: 543,000,000 (910 recs.)
Protestant - active(4 recs.)
Protestant - affiliated: 488,000,000 (17 recs.)
Protestant - Aguacatec-speaking
Protestant - all non-Catholic/non-Orthodox: 773,000,000 (2 recs.)
Protestant - attend at least monthly
Protestant - attendance weekly(3 recs.)
Protestant - black denominations(5 recs.)
Protestant - born-again
Protestant - Cakchiquel-speaking
Protestant - charismatic/informal(2 recs.)
Protestant - clergy(2 recs.)
Protestant - conservative denominations(6 recs.)
Protestant - independent/free churches(2 recs.)
Protestant - liberal denominations(6 recs.)
Protestant - mainline: 465,000,000 (7 recs.)
Protestant - mainline - welcoming churches (for homosexual community)
Protestant - Maya
Protestant - missionaries: 180,000 (5 recs.)
Protestant - moderate denominations(2 recs.)
Protestant - Native American
Protestant - no denomination supplied(99 recs.)
Protestant - non-evangelical - white
Protestant - non-mainline: 276,000,000 (2 recs.)
Protestant - non-Pentecostal(2 recs.)
Protestant - nondenominational(5 recs.)
Protestant - other(42 recs.)
Protestant - Quiche-speaking(2 recs.)
Protestant - registered(4 recs.)
Protestant - unregistered(4 recs.)
Protestant - white denominations
Protestant Christian Batak Church(5 recs.)
Protestant Conference (Lutheran): 1,004 (8 recs.)
Protestant Reformed Churches in America: 6,000 (26 recs.)
PTL (Jim and Tammy Bakker)
Pueblo(5 recs.)
Pure Land Buddhism(8 recs.)
Puritan(9 recs.)
Pygmies(3 recs.)
Pygmies - traditional
Pythagorean(4 recs.)